What you are allowed to do?

The e-books you buy here are meant only for personal use. You can use these books to complete your school projects, create quizzes or even have fun with family and friends. Remember, it is for your personal use. Despite the very fact that you are purchasing this product, Facts Legend is still the copyright owner and Intellectual Property Rights still hold true.

What you cannot do?

These e-books are not meant for republication or resale. Simply put, you cannot publish them elsewhere or you can sell them for commercial benefits. If found guilty of infringing on Intellectual Property Rights, Facts Legend will have the authority of prosecuting the offender.

Can you share?

Yes, the e-books you purchase here can be shared with friends and family. However, you need to understand that money is hard-earned. So, if you see someone who cannot afford to buy these e-books but need them, feel free to share. If they can afford, it is never your duty to help them save money at your expense. You get it, right?