Dinosaur Facts – Part 1

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This part 1 of the e-book on Dinosaur Facts contains 107 facts on the first 10 dinosaurs (listed alphabetically). The dinosaurs listed here are not organized in terms of the period when they lived. The organization is based on their names arranged alphabetically.


    This e-book on dinosaur facts is the first of the series of e-books to be published on dinosaur facts. The book contains 107 facts spread across 10 chapters that provide facts on dinosaurs. The first 10 dinosaurs (in alphabetical order) have been covered.

    There is the list of chapters you can find in the e-book:

    • 10 Aardonyx Facts
    • 10 Abelisaurus Facts
    • 10 Abrictosaurus Facts
    • 10 Abrosaurus Facts
    • 10 Abydosaurus Facts
    • 10 Acanthopholis Facts
    • 12 Achelosaurus Facts
    • 10 Achillobator Facts
    • 10 Acristavus Facts
    • 15 Acrocanthosaurus Facts


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    Dinosaur Facts – Part 1

    Dinosaur Facts – Part 1