Coyote 101 – 205 Coyote Facts

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Coyote 101 – is perfect e-book for those who are looking for amazing facts on coyotes. This fact book touches almost every aspect of the species in easy-to-understand language. It is perfect for school children.

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    Coyote 101 gives facts on coyotes in great details. From their evolution and history to socialization and hunting behavior, the 205 facts on coyotes span over various aspects of the animal in easy to understand language that is kids-friendly. It is perfect for those who want to score high in their school homework or project. The book includes 21 chapters with each chapter focusing on one specific aspect of the animal. The last chapter provides some random and fun facts about coyotes.


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    Coyote 101 – 205 Coyote Facts

    Coyote 101 – 205 Coyote Facts