Book of Famous Curses

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The Book of Famous curses gives descriptive accounts of some of famous curses in this world. Some of them are too realistic while others are not very convincing to a rational mind. Read and enjoy.


    This e-Book contains facts and information on some of the most famous curses in this world. The list of curses included in this book are:

    • Billy Goat Curse
    • Busby Stoop Chair Curse
    • Curse of Pele
    • Curse of Tippecanoe
    • Curse of Turan
    • Exorcist Curse
    • Hope Diamond Curse
    • Ice Mummy & Ötzi Curse
    • Superman Curse
    • Tamerlane’s Curse
    • Tutankhamun’s Curse


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    Book of Famous Curses

    Book of Famous Curses