Who are we?

We are a group of people who believe that education should be free and if that is not possible, it should be inexpensive. The harsh reality is far from our ideology. That is the reason we came forward to make a change.

We introduced Facts Legend. The information provided on the website is free and will always remain free. However, to operate a website, we need money and hence, we started using advertisement. The ad revenue helped us to continue. Unfortunately, not everyone likes to see advertisements. We received many complaints over years.

So, we decided to create an alternative. An alternative where you can get the same information on Facts Legend or even more (wherever possible) for a fraction of a price that you would normally pay elsewhere. This is where we conceived the idea of an e-book store where prices will be ridiculously low. To make it even more pocket-friendly, we decided to give coupons and occasional sale!

Since When?

The idea of Facts Legend was conceived back in 2014 and the website was launched in April 2014. The website has seen slow growth over the years because it was all managed by a single person. Fast forward 2016, a new helping hand came in, boosting up the publication efforts. Three years later, we are in a position to hire a few more helping hands to speed up the process even more.

Now we have two dedicated writers assisting us. They are exceptionally talented. Over time we will inject more and more articles and e-books that are composed by the new writers.

Where are we?

It was Kolkata, West Bengal, India where we had our humble beginnings. It continued till August 2019 until we moved to New Delhi. Now, we are operating from Delhi and there are no plans to move anywhere else.

Our current address is: Property No. C-76, Flat No. C-1, JVTS Gardens, Chattarpur, New Delhi, Pin: 110074.